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Spurs big ‘likeliest’ trade candidate


The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 10 and judging from recent stories, NBA writers would really like the Phoenix Suns to trade for the San Antonio SpursThaddeus Young.

Young has been linked to Phoenix by some reporters all season, but the speculation is heating up as the trade deadline approaches.

Some NBA writers think the versatile Spurs big man would be the perfect fit with the Suns, with a few speculating that he could be the piece that pushes Phoenix over the top in its quest to win the NBA title.

Check out what NBA writers are now saying about Thaddeus Young and the Suns.

Do you think Phoenix should trade for him?

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CBS Sports: Thaddeus Young ‘likeliest’ trade candidate for Suns

Sam Quinn writes: “We’re grasping at straws for needs here. Phoenix is good at basically everything. Cameron Payne‘s declining shooting numbers open the door for an upgrade, and the memories of Antetokounmpo bulldozing their bench will surely motivate the front office to seek frontcourt fortifications, but the Suns just had a 13-1 January in which DeAndre Ayton played only four times. They’re more than capable of winning it all as-is. Spurs forward Thaddeus Young is the name to watch here. He’s one of the few available defenders with a real track record of bothering Giannis, and Phoenix can match his salary easily enough with Jalen Smith and Dario Saric. One first-round pick should be more than enough to seal a deal here. Until the Suns are linked to anyone else, Young should be considered their likeliest trade candidate.”

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Bleacher Report: Thaddeus Young ‘realistic’ trade target for Suns

Greg Swartz writes: “Young is a playoff-tested veteran who can play both power forward and center and has been praised as a good locker room presence. He’s shown the ability to be a capable three-point shooter as needed and is a solid post defender.”

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NBA Analysis: Thaddeus Young would be ‘perfect’ fit with Suns

Greg Patuto writes: “For the Phoenix Suns, Young would be the perfect big man coming off the bench to provide a spark. He can also play down the stretch win the game gets tight because of his ability on both ends and overall IQ. It seems clear that the sons are not going to blow it up for a star since they have so many already. If they want to continue to build a team like they have been then Thaddeus Young is the perfect player to plug-in.”

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Bleacher Report: Thaddeus Young ‘obvious’ trade choice for Suns

Grant Hughes writes: “Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton proved in last year’s playoffs that he was mobile and alert enough to stay on the floor against downsized opposing lineups. That put him on the short list of the league’s most dynamic postseason big men. A matchup-proof center who can defend the rim and survive in space is basically a must for any serious title contender. With that said, what Ayton did last year wasn’t easy, and the Suns can’t trot him out for 48 minutes every night. With JaVale McGee and Bismack Biyombo looking just fine as conventional backup bigs, the Suns could still use a smaller option at center just in case. Thaddeus Young is the obvious choice, but every playoff-bound squad will target him for exactly this type of role. Few can make better use of his talents than the Suns, though, and none of his suitors will offer a better shot at a ring. If the San Antonio Spurs want to do right by the veteran, they’ll send him to Phoenix, where his gifts will be put to optimal use.”

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San Antonio Spurs forward Thaddeus Young, bottom, has been linked to the Phoenix Suns in a lot of NBA trade speculation.

Bleacher Report: Suns would benefit from trading for Thaddeus Young

Zachary Buckley writes: “Beyond the oft-discussed Jalen Smith-for-Thaddeus Young swap, there isn’t much for the Suns to do at the deadline. That is, unless they are at all concerned about the sub-40 percent connection rates of reserve guards Cameron Payne and Landry Shamet. With both Dario Saric and Frank Kaminsky on the shelf, Phoenix needs to draw most of its reserve scoring from Payne, Shamet and Cameron Johnson. If Payne and Shamet were both playing up to expectations, that’d be fine. In fact, it’d probably give the Suns one of the Association’s top second units. But Payne’s field-goal percentage has dropped nearly nine points from last season (39.5, from 48.4). Shamet is having his worst shooting season ever from the field (38.0) and from three (36.4). Phoenix might be banking on some positive regression, but if it’s still waiting for recovery a month from now, it might have to sacrifice some assets to snag a scoring spark.”

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Fansided: Suns should take another swing at Thaddeus Young

Collin Helwig writes: “With Saric possessing an extra year on his contract, the Suns need to sell San Antonio on both involving him in their future and Kaminsky’s likelihood to re-sign especially if their front office hears rumblings of any better deals coming from other teams. But if the Suns come to the table alone with Saric, Kaminsky, and another second rounder to polish things off, it makes sense for the Spurs to agree. Young enters free agency after this year, so rather than letting him walk for nothing, this trade grants them an opportunity to at least collect some sort of reward.”

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Bleacher Report: Thaddeus Young would complete the Suns

Grant Hughes writes: “The Suns’ offense would hum even more sweetly with a facilitating 5 in the mix, and Young’s smarts and experience at age 33 would help him develop quick chemistry with Chris Paul and Devin Booker. Phoenix could technically send the Spurs a first-rounder in 2024, 2026 or 2028 by using “next allowable” language, as CBS Sports’ Sam Quinn detailed, but it’s unclear how the market will set Young’s price. There’s no reason for the Suns to overpay unless it’s absolutely necessary. Swapping Smith for Nader, who’s only in the deal as salary filler, could also pique San Antonio’s interest.”

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