Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Daniil Medvedev vs Felix Auger-Aliassime latest updates


Australian Open 2022 live score: Daniil Medvedev vs Felix Auger-Aliassime latest updates - Getty Images

Australian Open 2022 live score: Daniil Medvedev vs Felix Auger-Aliassime latest updates – Getty Images

10:21 AM

Medvedev* 6-7, 2-5 Aliassime (*denotes next server)

Aliassime’s serve looks very difficult to break, but an unforced error with a forehand lets Medvedev reduce his lead to 30-15. Then Aliassime’s so-called weakness, that double-handed backhand, stays strong and is too hot for Medvedev to handle. Another big first serve is overhit on return by Medvedev and Aliassime moves to within one game of the second set.

10:17 AM

Medvedev 6-7, 2-4 Aliassime* (*denotes next server)

Medvedev finally seems to have found some kind of service rhythm, seizing a 40-0 lead and winning the game with a 198kmph ace. Aliassime will need to win the set with his own serve.

10:13 AM

Medvedev* 6-7, 1-4 Aliassime (*denotes next server)

Aliassime’s serve and volley skills serving him well against an opponent like Medvedev who is standing so far back. Aliassime follows that up with an ace to go 40-15 in front, and he swiftly secures the game. Another step closet to a two-set lead.

10:10 AM

Medvedev 6-7, 1-3 Aliassime* (*denotes next server)

Medvedev has a 30-15 with serve despite another double fault, and he walks over to his chair to change racket. It seems to do the trick as the Russian holds to win his first game of the second set.

10:07 AM

Quick reflexes from the umpire

10:06 AM

Medvedev* 6-7, 0-3 Aliassime (*denotes next server)

Aliassime is absolutely flying right now, stepping into a forehand winner down the line into the smallest of gaps to lead 30-15 in his service game. He follows that up with an ace – Aliassime is averaging around 75 per cent of first serves in at the moment – and then a drop shot and follow up volley secures a comfortable hold.

10:03 AM

Medvedev 6-7, 0-2 Aliassime* (*denotes next server)

Medvedev suddenly looking vert shaky behind his second serve and Aliassime moves into a 3-0 lead. A strong reply from the Russian though the Aliassime missing a sliced back hand, before a Medvedev ace puts him into a 40-30 lead. A wild Medvedev shot gets Aliassime back to deuce.

Medvedev struggling to get the job done on serve, and a sloppy forehand return gives Aliassime the chance to go a set and a break in front. Medvedev’s set is called out and then just when the Russian looked in control of the rally an unforced error with a forehand is called out. Aliassime breaks!

09:55 AM

Medvedev* 6-7, 0-1 Aliassime (*denotes next server)

Aliassime begins the second set with a straightforward hold of serve. His first serve has been very impressive so far, he fully deserves to be leading this match.

09:49 AM

Aliassime wins the first set!

Medvedev is hanging on my his fingernails in another long rally, but somehow he salvages the point from well behind the baseline. 4-3 to Aliassime.

Then another twist…Medvedev produces another double fault to but Aliassime within two points of the set.

Another strong forehand from the Canadian is unreturned and he now leads 6-3: three set points!

That is quickly reduced to two thanks to a backhand down the line from Medvedev. Aliassime then has to rely on his second serve but a Medvedev forehand is a long and that is the first set settled! Aliassime takes it 7-6.

09:43 AM

Aliassime leads 4-2 in the tie break as they change ends

Aliassime has won five of six tie breaks coming into this match but Medvedev wins the first point with serve. Aliassime produces some more excellent shot-making to lead 2-1, but despite his best efforts he cannot shake off Medvedev, who levels thanks to an unforced error.

A double fault from Medvedev gifts Aliassime a 3-2 advantage. Then Aliassime once again dominates a longer rally, this time on second serve, and a forehand winner gives him a 4-2 lead and he has the serve.

09:37 AM

Medvedev* 6 Auger-Aliassime 6 (*denotes server)

Medvedev wins the first point against the serve, and then Aliassime misses another forehand to give the Russian a 30-0 lead against the serve. A chance for break-back.

Another forehand lets Aliassime down, finding the net! Medvedev has three break points. Aliassime finally lands a forehand to reduce the deficit to 40-15. Another unforced error gives Medvedev the game though, and a chance to win the set goes begging. We are heading for a tie break.

09:31 AM

Medvedev* 5 Auger-Aliassime 6 (*denotes server)

Tremendous athleticism from Aliassime to get up on his toes and win the first point with a forehand winner. Medvedev levels, but then takes on a risky forehand and Aliassime sneaks ahead. A chance of the match’s first break perhaps?

Almost a painful moment of misfortune for Medvedev but Aliassime’s forehand is out after clipping the net – 30-30. Brilliant forehand from Aliassime on the next point though and he has break point!

Aliassime’s backhand looking solid again, but it’s a wonderful backhand winner down the line from Medvedev to force deuce. Aliassime is matching Medvedev all the way, but Medvedev keeps getting out of trouble.

But then he misses an easy volley to win the game, back to deuce. Another big mistake from Medvedev to leave a backhand volley and the ball is called in. Another break point for Aliassime!

And would you believe it, a Medvedev double fault gifts it to him. The Canadian will serve for the set.

09:25 AM

The best rally of the match

09:24 AM

Medvedev 5 Auger-Aliassime* 5 (*denotes server)

Aliassime’s double-handed backhand was questioned before the game, but he used it to good effect in that rally to assume a 30-0 lead in this service game. Medvedev’s next return is too strong and Aliassime leads 40-0. And he finishes with an ace – another drama-free hold.

09:19 AM

Medvedev* 5 Auger-Aliassime 4 (*denotes server)

That highlight of the match so far and one of the best points of the tournament! Aliassime with a delicate drop shot, Medvedev did brilliantly to cover the court and keep it alive but Aliassime secured the point with the volley.

Medvedev responds to level the game, but an overhit backhand gives Aliassime a sniff of a break at 30-15.

Medvedev’s serve clicks into gear to level at 30-30, before Aliassime mis-cues a forehand. That unforced error gives Medvedev the chance to win the game and some good backhand work does just that.

09:15 AM

Medvedev 4 Auger-Aliassime* 4 (*denotes server)

Aliassime’s booming first serves are forcing Medvedev into retreat and he quickly assumes a 30-0 lead. Medvedev gouges out a strong return from way behind the baseline to win his first point, but Aliassime’s first serve is too hot for him to handle again – 40-15 to the Canadian. Another straightforward hold.

09:11 AM

Medvedev* 4 Auger-Aliassime 3 (*denotes server)

Aliassime wins the first point of the game, with Medvedev not quite finding his backhand range. The Russian responds with an ace though, and then battles well to win the next point off his second serve. He goes on to secure another comfortable hold – no breaks in serve as yet.

09:09 AM

Medvedev 3 Auger-Aliassime* 3 (*denotes server)

Aliassime’s game from the back of the court is holding up strongly, and his first serve strength once again helps him to a 40-15 lead in this service game. Both players have missed just three first serves combined so far. Aliassime wins the game with a volley.

09:03 AM

Medvedev 3* Auger-Aliassime 2 (*denotes server)

Aliassime is hanging on to Medvedev’s coattails in the longer rallies, now 30-15 down in this game against serve, with the Russian unable to expose his backhand.

That Aliassime return has too much length though and Medvedev has two game points at 40-15. He converts after a strong backhand to hold serve again.

09:01 AM

Medvedev 2 Auger-Aliassime* 2 (*denotes server)

Superb return from Medvedev from three or four metres behind the baseline to lead 15-0 against serve. The Russian then slashed at a forehand after a longer rally when there was a chance to to win another point against serve, 15-15.

Double fault is a worrying sign for Aliassime and Medvedev leads 30-15. More strong baseline play from Medvedev but Aliassime responds with a forehand winner down the line to level the game. His first set is then too hot for the Russian to handle, and then a Hawkeye check goes in Aliassime’s favour to hold serve.

08:54 AM

Medvedev* 2 Auger-Aliassime 1 (*denotes server)

More encouraging backhand return from Aliassime to level the third game at 15-15. Medvevev’s first serve is looking very impressive though, and another ace extends his advantage to 40-15. Another ace secures the game and another hold of serve.

08:52 AM

Medvedev 1 Auger-Aliassime* 1 (*denotes server)

Serving is the one facet of the game where Aliassime is tipped to cause Medvedev some problems and he starts his first service game with consecutive aces, just like his opponent, to lead 30-0.

Then there is a test of Aliassime’s second serve and Medvedev reduces the arrears. Strong response from Aliassime though to win the next two points and hold his serve. The crowd are getting behind the Canadian.

08:48 AM

First set: Daniil Medvedev* 1 Felix Auger-Aliassime 0 (*denotes server)

Medvedev to serve first and he begins with consecutive aces to lead 30-0. On the next point, Aliassime struggles to return a forehand and it sits up for the Russian to smash an easy winner. After a longer rally of baseline exchanges, an Aliassime backhand flies out and that’s a straightforward hold of serve for Medvedev.

08:39 AM

The players are making their way on to the court

Medvedev is chasing more hard court success having won last year’s US Open. The winner of this match will play Stefanos Tsitsipas in the semi-finals.

08:37 AM

Aliassime on his way to beating Marin Cilic

Felix Auger-Aliassime of Canada on his way to beating Marin Cilic of Croatia - Getty Images

Felix Auger-Aliassime of Canada on his way to beating Marin Cilic of Croatia – Getty Images

Some judges think that cross-court backhand could be a technical weakness in Aliassime’s game that Medvedev could exploit today. The Russian has won all three meetings between the players.

08:30 AM

Tim Henman is backing Medvedev

I look at their game styles and I think Medvedev is going to come through this one.

08:22 AM

The story of the previous quarter-final

08:15 AM

Daniil Medvedev strong favourite to progress to Australian Open semi-finals

It’s the second day of quarterfinals at Melbourne Park and second-seeded Daniil Medvedev is expecting one of the toughest challenges yet in his bid to win a second consecutive Grand Slam singles title when he plays 21-year-old Felix Auger-Aliassime. They’ve played twice recently: in the U.S. Open semifinals and in the ATP Cup this year, and the Russian player has won both matches.

Medvedev took time to compliment both himself and the Canadian: “It means that we are doing pretty good job, I think, in our careers … it’s later stages of the biggest tournaments in the world. Last two I managed to have the edge on him, but he’s a phenomenal player.”

In the previous round, Medvedev apologised to opponent Maxime Cressy after taking his frustrations out on the young American during their fourth-round clash at the Australian Open.

Cressy plays a throwback serve-and-volley game and Medvedev’s emotions threatened to boil over after he lost the third set but he stayed just cool enough to win 6-2 7-6 (4) 6-7 (4) 7-5.

Early in the fourth set, title favourite Medvedev shouted: “This is so boring,” while he loudly railed against his bad luck as Cressy repeatedly hit the lines on big points.

Medvedev is known for his hot-headedness but he was contrite about his behaviour after the match and revealed it was fuelled partly by annoyance that he has not played more on the central Rod Laver Arena.

The second seed said: “I was quite mad today because of a few things. I’m working on myself, and that’s why I managed to win and still kept my composure, as much as I could, because sometimes I go much more crazier than I did today.

“I just felt a little bit not perfect today for a few reasons. First of all, I really don’t know what should I do to play on centre courts in grand slams, because I won the last grand slam. I’m highest seed here and to play against Maxime would be easier on Rod Laver – more space.”

Aliassime was the player who vanquished Dan Evans, who was the last Briton standing in the men’s singles.


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