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Gael Monfils vs Matteo Berrettini updates after Rafael Nadal and Ashleigh Barty win


Follow all the action from another thrilling day at the Australian Open as the quarter-final stage gets underway in Melbourne.

Rafael Nadal has already booked his place in the semi-finals with a momentous five-set victory over young Canadian Denis Shapovalov. The Spaniard, who is attempting to take advantage of Novak Djokovic’s absence and win a record 21st men’s grand slam, will now face the winner out of Gael Monfils and Matteo Berrettini in the semi-finals.

In the women’s singles, Madison Keys pulled off a thrilling upset against No 4 seed Barbora Krejcikova, with a straight-sets victory ensuring the American of her first grand slam semi-final since 2018. That was followed by another clinical performance by Ashleigh Barty, who thrashed Jessica Pegula 6-2 6-0 to reach the last four on home soil for a second time. There was more cause for Australian celebrations earlier on Tuesday too as the doubles pair of Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis secured their place in the semi-finals.

Follow all the latest action and keep up to date with the Australian Open scores below:

Australian Open quarter-finals

  • Monfils rallies to take Berrettini to fifth set

  • Barty thrashes Pegula

  • Nadal beats Shapovalov in five sets

  • Keys stuns Krejcikova in straight sets

  • Kyrgios and Kokkinakis book place in doubles semi-finals

Australian Open 2022: Monfils wins fourth set!

13:07 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini looked to be cruising towards a simple hold at 40-15 but is dragged into deep water again. A fine Monfils winner is followed by a sloppy Berrettini backhand and we’re at deuce. Berrettini saves one set point with a much better backhand and the pair continue to go back-and-forth in a game that endures for well over ten minutes. But after a seventh deuce, and on his fifth set point, Monfils takes his chance. Berrettini’s sluggish backhand limps its way into the base of the net and we’re going the distance in Melbourne!

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 5-3 Berrettini

12:55 , Tom Kershaw

Another quick hold to 15 for Monfils. Berrettini is really struggling to push the Frenchman on his serve this set. The Italian will now serve to stay in the set.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 4-3 Berrettini

12:50 , Tom Kershaw

Two unusually quickfire games. Monfils starts his service game with an ace and wins the game without any difficulty to 15.

Berrettini races to 40-0 on his own serve, produces a double fault, but then wraps up the hold in the next point.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 3-2 Berrettini

12:45 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini then loses the first two points on his serve and is under serious pressure at 0-30. However, Monfils then errs badly on his backhand twice to put the game back on even footing. Berrettini digs out another big first serve but Monfils fights back to take it to deuce, pouncing on a poorly executed serve and volley with a simple passing shot down the line.

… And Monfils breaks! The second of two fine forehand winners just about clips the line to clinch the game. Berrettini was already fist-pumping thinking that ball had gone long.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 2-2 Berrettini

12:39 , Tom Kershaw

Monfils holds to love to put the pressure back on Berrettini again. The Frenchman has been brilliant since the start of the previous set while Berrettini’s level has definitely faded a touch.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 1-2 Berrettini

12:34 , Tom Kershaw

A stunning Monfils forehand down the line is the pick of the shots in the third game, but it’s really a routine hold for Berrettini, who closes it out with yet another ace.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 1-1 Berrettini

12:32 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini loses a long duel of backhand slices at 15-15 as the chance to get a foothold in the game presented itself. But Monfils strays wide with a forehand at 30-30 to give Berrettini hope of a break again. A big serve helps to snuff it out, though, and it’s honours even at the start of the fourth.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 0-1 Berrettini

12:27 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini races to 40-0 in his opening service game but then seems to become hesitant, with a poor backhand error bringing it all the way back to deuce. Monfils then produces a stunning winner, smashing a forehand down the line after a gruelling rally to bring up break point. Berrettini refinds his serve when it matters, though, to win the next three points in succession and secure the hold.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 6-3 Berrettini

12:17 , Tom Kershaw

Monfils holds to 15 to win the set! He raises his arms to the crowd again and demands their applause. It’s gone past midnight in Melbourne and we’re heading for a fourth set.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 5-2 Berrettini

12:12 , Tom Kershaw

The momentum has turned and Monfils fist pumps towards the crowd after two huge serves to start the game. Berrettini then takes on an aggressive cross-court forehand that strays inches wide of the tramline. Monfils closes out the game to another huge cheer in Melbourne. The crowd want this match to go long and, by the looks of things, we will have a fourth set at the very least.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 4-2 Berrettini

12:08 , Tom Kershaw

Monfils takes Berrettini to 0-30 on serve again but Berrettini produces an exquisite 132mp/h serve that clips the outside of the line. He’s been so good at doing that when under pressure all match but then a very sloppy forehand strays wide and brings up two break points. Berrettini misses his first serve this time but Monfils snatches at the second and hits the net with a forehand. He crouches and screams in frustration. But on the second break point, Berrettini double faults!

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 3-2 Berrettini

12:03 , Tom Kershaw

A fine hold to love for Monfils puts the pressure straight back on Berrettini. The trouble is that the Italian’s serve has proved almost unstoppable throughout this match.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 2-2 Berrettini

12:01 , Tom Kershaw

A really poor Berrettini forehand clips the net with Monfils way out of position. The Frenchman has put a lot of pressure on Berrettini’s serve this game and now has a chance to break. The Italian delivers a huge 200km/h serve out wide, though, and there’s precious little Monfils can do to deflect that. Another huge serve wraps up the hold. It’s so dispiriting for Monfils, who is doing everything he can to keep points alive, but more often than not in vain.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 2-1 Berrettini

11:55 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini makes two fabulous winners to get to 30-30 in the game, first wrong-footing Monfils at the net with a backhand passing shot before finding a really difficult angle with a cross-court forehand winner. Monfils then needlessly clips the net cord with a forehand and it flies up and out of play. Monfils saves a first break point with a much better forehand, though, that skims just over the net this time. The pair go back-and-forth at deuce, with Monfils saving two more break points with high-risk shots. He’s leaving it all out there now and a brilliant forehand winner seals the hold after seven minutes.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 1-1 Berrettini

11:48 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini loses his rhythm in his opening service game in the third and is taken to deuce. A sloppy backhand gives the Italian advantage, though, and Monfils is furious with himself. That frustration bleeds into the next point and Berrettini closes out the game. There was a window of opportunity there for Monfils but he couldn’t take it.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 1-0 Berrettini

11:43 , Tom Kershaw

The crowd are doing their best to encourage a Monfils comeback and he comfortably gets his first game on the board, with two fine winners sandwiching an ace.

Australian Open 2022: Berrettini wins second set

11:34 , Tom Kershaw

A perfectly executed service game by Berrettini, who shows no nerves whatsoever under the pressure of serving for the set. He now leads by two sets to love and it’s a long way back for Monfils now.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 4-5 Berrettini

11:30 , Tom Kershaw

An emphatic service game for Monfils, who promptly produces two aces before two Berrettini errors seal a rapid hold to love. The Italian will still have the chance to serve out the set now though.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 3-5 Berrettini

11:29 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini quickly consolidates the break, too. At 30-0, Monfils was well on top in the rally, bludgeoning Berrettini way back behind the baseline, but the Italian plays a smart lob, forcing Monfils into one more shot. The Frenchman’s footwork is a little fatigued and a tricky smash finds the net. An unforced backhand error seals the hold.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 3-4 Berrettini

11:25 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini breaks! It was all self-inflicted too, with Monfils perhaps showing signs of tiredness after that epic game earlier in the set. The Frenchman begins with a double fault before two sloppy unforced errors cough up a break point at 30-40. Berrettini takes it straight away, with a fine return putting Monfils under pressure and a framed forehand flies way long.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 3-3 Berrettini

11:22 , Tom Kershaw

A much simpler hold for Berrettini, too, who profits from two sloppy Monfils backhands to close out the game to 15.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 3-2 Berrettini

11:20 , Tom Kershaw

An important hold for Monfils, who’d emptied the tank in that last game searching for the break. Two fine winners seal the game and immediately put the pressure back on Berrettini.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 2-2 Berrettini

11:12 , Tom Kershaw

After almost 20 minutes and 26 points, Berrettini seals a momentous hold!

He was forced to save three break points in the game, first at 15-40 with a pair of fine forehand winners before a big ace when Monfils had the advantage.

Berrettini couldn’t take the chances on his own serve either, though, with Monfils producing fabulous variety to keep points alive and draw the Italian into mistakes, usually on his backhand. One stunning piece of defensive play, with Berrettini towering at the net, shows all of Monfils’ incredible athleticism and court coverage to take the game to deuce for a sixth time.

Finally, after a tenth deuce, Berrettini closes out the game and bellows wildly into the night. A sensational game of tennis.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 2-1 Berrettini

10:51 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini races to 40-0 on serve but lets Monfils back into the game with two poor errors. He finds a big serve when he needs it, though, and that’ s a comfortable hold.

Monfils starts his own service game with a double fault but then reels off four points in succession. There have been a few more errors from Berrettini at the start of this second set that can give Monfils some encouragement.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 1-0 Berrettini

10:41 , Tom Kershaw

Monfils is immediately in trouble at the start of the second set and faces two break points after framing a backhand long. The Frenchman rises to the pressure excellently, though, as a cunningly sliced first serve takes the game to deuce.

Berrettini then unleashes another brilliant forehand to bring up a second chance to break but a limp backhand slice sees the chance go begging. Monfils coughs up another break point with a double fault but makes amends with an ace.

Finally, the Frenchman seals the hold, with a forehand winner followed by a poor Berrettini backhand. That’s a huge hold in the match.

Australian Open 2022: Berrettini wins first set

10:32 , Tom Kershaw

A gift at 30-0 brings Monfils back into the game and the Frenchman does brilliantly to keep the next rally alive, absorbing Berrettini’s power and eventually forcing the mistake. Monfils then outwits Berrettini again to set up break point but the danger is snuffed out immediately by two huge aces.

Monfils isn’t ready to surrender the set just yet, though. He shifts the point onto Berrettini’s backhand, who offers up a weak slice and Monfils leaps on it, thrashing a forehand winner down the line. But he can only hold Berrrettini off for so long. The Italian lets out a huge roar as he finally holds to take the first set.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 4-5 Berrettini

10:26 , Tom Kershaw

An unforced error at 15-15 puts Monfils under pressure but he responds with a big serve of his own and a weak Berrettini backhand seals the hold. The Italian will still have the chance to serve for the set now, though.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 3-5 Berrettini

10:25 , Tom Kershaw

Yet another clinical service game from Berrettini. A blistering ace is soon followed by two devastating forehand winners. Monfils desperately needs to try and shift the points onto the Italian’s backhand to have a chance of breaking back in this match.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 3-4 Berrettini

10:17 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini whips a fantastic forehand cross-court at 15-15 to put Monfils’ serve under pressure. This time, the Frenchman rises to it, though, just catching the line with a forehand winner before Berrettini miscues a simple backhand. A big serve seals the hold.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 2-4 Berrettini

10:13 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini follows that up with an expert hold to love. That’s ten points in a row for the Italian.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 2-3 Berrettini

10:12 , Tom Kershaw

Berrettini has the early break! A double fault puts Monfils under pressure at 0-30 and Berrettini seizes on it with a thundering forehand that he rushes in behind and executes a deft backhand volley. That brings up three break points and an errant Monfils forehand seals first blood in the match.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 2-1 Berrettini

10:05 , Tom Kershaw

Another comfortable hold for Monfils. Both players are serving well so far meaning we could be in for the long haul here.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 1-1 Berrettini

10:00 , Tom Kershaw

An equally simple hold for Berrettini too, who finishes off his opening serive game with a monstrous ace.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils 1-0 Berrettini

09:59 , Tom Kershaw

A very composed opening service game from Monfils, who is well accustomed to these sorts of stages by now. He puts Berrettini’s forehand under pressure and reels off a quick hold.

Australian Open 2022: Monfils vs Berrettini

09:57 , Tom Kershaw

So next up it’s Gael Monfils vs Matteo Berrettini. Monfils, who turned pro way back in 2004, is attempting to reach his first grand slam semi-final in five years. Berrettini, meanwhile, pushed Djokovic in the Wimbledon final last summer and has been in terrific form.

Australian Open 2022: Barty speaks post-match

09:42 , Tom Kershaw

“That was solid, I had a lot of fun, I was able to serve and find a lot of forehands in the centre of the court – I was happy to take the game on, be aggressive on my forehand, not worry if I miss a couple.

“Jess is an incredible person, she is a brilliant girl and I love to test myself against her. She has had an exceptional couple of years and deserves to be in these later end of Slams. She has a few more to come, for sure.

“I have grown as a person, as a player, I am a more complete tennis player, have a couple of years’ more experience – it is a credit to my team. They have done so much work behind the scenes to make me the best version of myself. It has been a lot of fun so far.

“It’s been amazing, this isn’t Melbourne, this is Brisbane weather! Plenty of heat throughout the day. Night sessions are special. I love playing at the Australian Open, it doesn’t matter what time.”

Australian Open 2022: Barty defeats Pegula

09:34 , Tom Kershaw

Barty seals the whitewash in the second set. A 6-2 6-0 result was, in the end, as dominant as it sounds. It’s the second time the Australian has reached the last four on home soil, and she will face Madison Keys for a place in the final.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 5-0 Pegula

09:28 , Tom Kershaw

From 40-0 up on her own serve, Pegula double faults twice and then follows it up with two unforced forehand errors. The American looks defeated and that fate will likely be sealed in the next game too. Barty will serve for the match after just 59 minutes on court.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 4-0 Pegula

09:24 , Tom Kershaw

Barty inexplicably misses the simplest of backhands at the net at 30-0, sending the ball way long as she attempted to wrong foot Pegula. A double fault then makes it 30-30 and there’s faint hope for Pegula. The American snuffs it out herself, though, whipping her forehand long. Barty makes no mistake with her own. The ball clips the tramline and that winner makes it 4-0.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 3-0 Pegula

09:21 , Tom Kershaw

It’s all too easy for Barty now. Pegula’s first serve has deserted her and Barty is picking apart the American’s second. Two unforced errors bring Barty back into the game and she quickly seals the second break. That’s the sixth game in a row Barty has won and the finish line is in sight now.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 1-0 Pegula

09:14 , Tom Kershaw

Barty has an immediate chance to break at the start of the second set but snatches at her forehand return. She earns another with a wicked backhand slice that clips the baseline but can only stand and admire as Pegula takes on a brave backhand down the line. That was probably the American’s best shot of the match under the circumstances. The American then saves a third break point with her first ace of the match, but her resistance finally breaks. Again, she attempts to come into the net and comes unstuck. Barty then produces a brilliant lob and it could be another quick night’s work for the Australian.

Australian Open 2022: Barty wins the first set

09:04 , Tom Kershaw

The simplest of holds of serve seals the first set. Barty was put under pressure early on and made a series of uncharacteristic mistakes but she’s got somewhere back closer to her best now. It’s hard to see a way back for Pegula now.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 5-2 Pegula

09:01 , Tom Kershaw

Pegula insists on trying to come into the net but on almost every occasion it continues to backfire. She tries again at 30-30 and succeeds only in surrendering a break point. With the pressure on, an unforced forehand error hands Barty the double break in the opening set.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 4-2 Pegula

08:58 , Tom Kershaw

Barty puts herself under pressure with another unforced error. She’s made 15 in the space of just six games so far and is struggling a little to get into a rhythm. At 30-30, though, a brilliant second serve catches out Pegula before an equally exquisite forehand down the line seals the hold.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 3-2 Pegula

08:55 , Tom Kershaw

Pegula struggles again when she comes forward and, having had reasonable control over the game, finds herself in danger at deuce. The American steadies herself well, though, and seals the hold. Barty hasn’t been at her formidable best so far, but she’s doing enough and still has the break in this first set.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 3-1 Pegula

08:49 , Tom Kershaw

Pegula is let back into the game by Barty, who has made a few unusual mistakes, with that metronome of a slice erring long. Barty then double faults at 40-30 but alleviates the danger with a fantastic drive volley. That was a difficult shot and she timed it fantastically.

The mistakes are still there for Barty, though. Her 12th unforced error brings up break point but Pegula snatches at the second serve and sends it long. Finally, Barty closes out the hold as she refinds her serve and delivers a big ace.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 2-1 Pegula

08:42 , Tom Kershaw

A poor approach shot at the net leaves Barty with a great chance to pass but the Australian fires long. She turns away in disgust. Barty’s slice slowly chips away at Pegula during the rally and there’s pressure on the American again at 40-30, but another uncharacteristic Barty error seals the hold. That will be a relief for Pegula, who’d made a rushed start and has struggled when trying to come into the net.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 2-0 Pegula

08:37 , Tom Kershaw

Barty makes quick work of her own service game. Pegula tries to take on the second serve but isn’t quite dialled in and drags her backhand wide. A wonderful ace consolidates the early break. It’s been an ideal and, to be honest, relatively simple start for the world No 1.

Australian Open 2022: Barty 1-0 Pegula

08:35 , Tom Kershaw

After racing to a 40-0 lead, Pegula misjudges two approaches to the net and is suddenly facing deuce on her opening service game. Barty’s precision proves too much, who is already being dragged back and forth across the baseline frantically. The world No 1 breaks.

Australian Open 2022: Barty vs Pegula

08:29 , Tom Kershaw

Ashleigh Barty and Jessica Pegula are out on court now warming up ahead of their quarter-final.

Barty has been in imperious form so far throughout the tournament and is yet to drop a set in four matches.

Pegula is attempting to reach a grand slam sem-final for the first time in her career, but history is not on her side. The American’s only previous meeting with Barty ended in a somewhat rapid defeat at the 2019 French Open.

Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis boost home hopes to make semi-finals

07:48 , Jack Rathborn

Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis set Melbourne Park alight again as they moved to within two victories of Australian Open glory.

Men’s doubles is not usually the biggest draw at any grand slam but huge crowds have roared on the two Australian stars during their run and it was the same story for their quarter-final against Tim Puetz and Michael Venus on the Kia Arena.

German Puetz and New Zealander Venus are two of the world’s leading doubles exponents and the sixth seeds for the tournament but they became the latest victims of the wild card pair, with Kyrgios and Kokkinakis winning 7-5 3-6 6-3.

Opponents are certainly not enjoying the rowdy atmospheres anywhere near as much as Kyrgios and Kokkinakis, and Puetz and Venus were no different.

Kyrgios gave a racket to a young boy in the crowd that he accidentally hit early on when he swiped away a ball but tears soon turned to cheers as the Australian pair moved ahead and then came through the deciding set.

“Unreal scenes,” said Kyrgios. “ I’m not finished. I want to win this f***ing thing.

“It’s been incredible. Another tough, tough win. They brought some serious tennis. As long as I’m playing this sport and playing in Australia, you sure will have a show.”

Kyrgios and Kokkinakis won the Wimbledon junior title together but this is their best run at a senior slam, and Kokkinakis is hoping for more of the same in their semi-final against third seeds Marcel Granollers and Horacio Zeballos.

“When we walk through that tunnel, there’s no feeling like it,” said the 25-year-old.

“We don’t want anything else. This is perfect. The rowdier the better. Everyone seems to have a problem. Keep rustling some feathers guys.”

Madison Keys relishing underdog status in Melbourne after easing past Barbora Krejcikova

07:47 , Jack Rathborn

Madison Keys said she is enjoying her underdog status after reaching her first Grand Slam semi-final in four years with an upset of fourth seed Barbora Krejcikova at the Australian Open on Tuesday.

Keys continued her strong start to the season on Rod Laver Arena as she toppled the French Open champion 6-3 6-2 under the Melbourne sun to return to the semi-finals in Australia for only the second time.

The 26-year-old, who won only 11 matches in a dismal 2021 season, is on a 10-match winning streak this year and won the Adelaide International 2 warm-up tournament earlier this month.

“It’s been kind of nice to be the underdog for the first time in a long time,” said the American, who will take on world number one Ash Barty or compatriot Jessica Pegula for a place in the final.

“I honestly feel pretty neutral … I have gone into every match thinking I can absolutely win any match that I’m out on the court.”

Keys previously made the semi-finals in Melbourne as a 19-year-old in 2015, where she lost to eventual winner and 23-time major champion Serena Williams.

“I’m a little bit more prepared this time around than I was all those years ago,” Keys said. “I would say it mostly feels different because I’m seven years older and it’s not my first semi-final of a Slam.

“I think you take the experience out of it, I know I’m going to feel nervous, I know I’m going to be excited.

“But it’s also a completely different situation, time and person, all of that. I think you take the experience that you have from those moments and you try to apply it, but you also know that it’s going to be a completely different challenge.”

Rafael Nadal 6-3 6-4 4-6 3-6 6-3 Denis Shapovalov

07:46 , Jack Rathborn

Rafael Nadal grinds out a thriller against Denis Shapovalov in five sets (6-3 6-4 4-6 3-6 6-3).

Up next for Rafa is the winner of Gael Monfils vs Matteo Berrettini


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